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It's a dinner party.

It's a dance party.

It's a glorious party,
and you are all invited. 


Created by Allegra Preuss and Sophia Kardonski, Sobremesa is a unique experience where artfully prepared meals are paired with dance and movement. Each component of the meal is sourced and created with love and care, as is the music and guided dance experiences that occur before, during, and after.


All Sobremesa events are curated with the belief that each bite is a blessing and that the energy from our food is a cause for dancing, conversation, and true celebration. We encourage guests to put their phones away and tap into the feeling of each moment.


How often when we eat, are we thinking about how we should be eating something else, something less, or shouldn’t be eating at all? How often do we move, workout, use our bodies, and while we do we are thinking about everything it lacks, everything we want to change, everything we think it can’t do? How often, too, do we go to a party, attend a social gathering, or even spend time with people and wish the whole time that it would end, dreaming of going home to Netflix and bed?


What if we placed as much importance into how we eat, as we did with what we eat? What if we treated our bodies with more kindness than punishment? What if we could create spaces so honest and enjoyable that we wouldn’t be thinking about how to plan our escape?

Sobremesa is a feast for the mind, body, and soul. A liberating experience where we dance with appreciation, eat with presence and socialize with ease. It's conscious partying and a crazy good time.

Sobremesa man_edited.png

Sobremesa noun, /so.βɾeˈ

The Spanish word for the time spent at the table after a meal. This series of good events sometimes includes, liquor, coffee and/or tea, and is a time where time does not exist, conversation flows, and joy abounds.


Sobremesa man.png

Allegra Preuss is a dancer, choreographer, writer, and teacher. She studied dance and journalism at New York University, and after a year of working in various journalism jobs in NYC, she moved back to her hometown of Miami Beach. She is the creator of The Jellyfish Jam, a guided dance party designed for preteen girls (although available to all ages and genders) to discover their movement language and celebrate their bodies. She also works as a freelance writer and choreographer and spends her time exploring globe while leading folks through yoga and movement along the way.

Sophia Kardonski is a brand consultant, producer, and entrepreneur. She lived in London for five years where she worked and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu after completing her BA degree in Art Theory and Curation at Central Saint Martins. She is the co-author of Visible You, a book that explores practical tools that support one to embrace and honor their unique light and power. Sophia splits her time between traveling for various projects and teaching Visible You in selected Miami-Dade Public Schools, where the book has been a part of teacher professional development activities and a supplement to the social emotional curriculum.

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