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At Sobremesa, we believe in all-around health, and we believe that the healthiest ingredient in food and life is love.

We cook for others what we would want to eat, and develop our menus through conscious and creative play. 

We get warm and fuzzy over advocating for forms of eating and exercising that are sustainable for our minds, bodies, and planet.

We believe that food is our friend. The body knows what it wants and when it wants it, and all we have to do is slow down and listen.
This requires us to:

  • Drown outside noise about diets and food trends, and tune into what we want and how we want it.

  • Undo past stories we have been programmed to believe about food and our bodies as subjects of shame, belonging, and identity.

  • Pay loving attention to how we handle our food and to our state of mind and emotionality as we consume our food. For us, it helps to sing and dance as we cook, to say a quiet blessing before we eat, and to breathe and enjoy as we eat and digest.

There is time for food and the preparation of it.

The body is a home and moving it is an opportunity for liberation and revelation.

We believe in knowing as much as possible where our food comes from, and in putting in the extra mile to source ingredients that are treated with love and care.

We believe in trusting the body, giving gratitude to the food we put into it, and detaching from labels and dietary restrictions.

We believe that our beliefs create our world, so our beliefs about food create our bodies. Anything can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on our relationship to it. If we eat with gratitude and delight and honor our needs for more or less, we’ll always be nourished.

We believe that moving is an exploration, and we can always find new ways of stretching, strengthening, and sweating that make us feel good all the way through. 

We believe in embracing the awkward, uncomfortable human-ness we all share, and letting our inner dancer light fires on the dance floor.

We believe that you get what you give, and therefore believe in paying those who work for us, and pricing our work in a way that reflects the care, time, and skill that goes into each detail.

Knowing where our food comes from, handling it with love, blessing it as we prepare it, sharing it with people we care about, and being grateful for it all is a cause for celebration.

We have lived the power of eating, drinking, and moving together as a catalyst for healing and expanding, and we're here to share that with the whole world.

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